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First Round Playoff Rulings

The Court Room is in session!!!<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

All Rise!!!<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

The First order of business that the court would like to address is the issue of the Wild Card playoffs!!!!

<o:p> </o:p>

In the first game of the weekend we saw the Arizona Cardinals pull one off against the Atlanta Falcons, in what, too most people was a surprise!  I do not see how it was surprise though seeing as the Atlanta Falcons were on the Road, and are a much better team when they are in the friendly combines of their home field.  The Falcons were unable to establish Michael Turner and after riding him all year they truly forgot the name of the horse they rode on there way to the Playoffs and that is un acceptable however I am willing to over look that mistake and still render a decision regarding there season the verdict is as follows:

<o:p> </o:p>

Verdict:  Guilty of going on the road and choking in the playoffs!  The season as a whole will be ruled as a success seeing as where they were a year ago, ie. Mike Vick and Bobby Petrino issues!  Further more the court would like to send head coach Mike Smith into a counseling program for loss of memory, that decision is solely due to the fact that he must have forgotten who Michael Turner was!!!!<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

In the Second game of the Weekend we saw the San Diego Super Chargers go up against the almighty Colts!!!  This probably was the best game of the weekend although it seems to be a controversial result to most Colts fans who seem to blaming the Ref’s for the calls they made!  However between the so called bad officiating and Darren Sproles being an all Purpose machine the Chargers were able to do what only a few thought they could, and won the game in overtime!!!!  The verdict is as follows:

<o:p> </o:p>

Verdict:   The San Diego Chargers will not receive any type of verdict from this court until there season is over and at which time I will have to ask the great jurors of our courtroom to render a decision seeing as this judge obviously has a bias towards the greatest team in the NFL that being the San Diego Chargers! (lol)<o:p></o:p>

Furthermore the verdict for the Colts is as follows:  Peyton Manning once again had a great season, and won the MVP only to be stopped in the playoffs again!  However that being said this probably was the toughest year for the Colts in a while and they showed they truly can get it done even if the odds are stacked against them after there brutal start, all in all the Colts are guilty of losing a close game to a real good team and they fought to the end so for that I tip my hat and render this final verdict on the Colts, Guilty Guilty Guilty of being almost elite but not quite!!! (lol sorry RR my friend)<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

Regarding the two Sunday games the Court would like to hear from you the people, what do you guys think of <st1:city><st1:place>Baltimore</st1:place></st1:city>’s win in <st1:city><st1:place>Miami</st1:place></st1:city> and the Eagles marching into <st1:state><st1:place>Minnesota</st1:place></st1:state> and proving just how weak the NFC North really is?  The court would like your input before rendering a decision in regards to those games! 

<o:p> </o:p>

As well the courtroom would also like to bring to the attention of all its supporters and jurors that there is a great Hockey game being played tonight in the World Junior Championships being held in <st1:place><st1:city>Ottawa</st1:city>, <st1:country-region>Canada</st1:country-region></st1:place>.  The Gold Medal game will feature <st1:country-region><st1:place>Canada</st1:place></st1:country-region> vs. <st1:country-region><st1:place>Sweden</st1:place></st1:country-region> for the Gold Medal, if you are not a fan of Hockey I recommend watching these kids play and if you are not a fan after that then you must be in a coma!!!

<o:p> </o:p>

Court is now in Recess!!!!<o:p></o:p>

The Law has spoken!!!<o:p></o:p>

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The Court Room is back! Are you ready?

All Rise the Honorable Judge VCLAW is once again presiding!!!

Court has officially resumed you may now be seated and please feel free to enjoy the ride!

First off the court would like to thank the wonderful jurors ( you all know who you are, for being so patient and also for pushing for another court room sitting) for there support and continued great view points and verdicts, it is much appreciated as with jurors like yourselves you truly do make the Court's job that much easier.

Now lets get down to business shall we.................................
.................................. now bear with us we need to spin around the league it has been a while now so I will start from the top of the files and go from there.

First on the docket:

 The case of falsified and fraudulent retirement, the two co- accused in this case are one Junior Seau and Dante Culpepper.

In regards to this case there is not much the Court would like to say, Dante Culpepper must have been in a financial crisis in order to come out of retirement and play Quarterback for the Detroit Lions, I mean who really wants to pack up everything, move to Detroit of all places and than go get hit every time you take a three step drop trying to make a simple slant pass, in this case I think Dante Culpepper should have hired a better agent! Now in the case of Junior Seau, who has recently come out of retirement to help his former team in a time of need due to the injuries that the New England Patriots face on the defensive side of the ball. It was quoted that Seau " wanted to help his former team" Now all I can say to this and I know this will sound very biast on the courtrooms side however I would like to know where that thinking was when Shawn Merrimen got hurt I mean you used to play for the San Diego Chargers to why do you not help them out as well why are you only willing to come out of retirement for one of you former teams, I think that by doing this it shows us how athletes far to often will burn bridges with out even realizing what they are doing to the fan.

The Verdict: I will leave this case for the jury to discuss and conclude considering the fact that I do have a heart felt investment and personal feelings about the way one of the accused has conducted himself however in my eyes they are both guilty of being foolish men that allow other foolish men to make there decisions for them!!!

Second Case on the Docket:

 The case of Plaxico " I shot myself Burress", the accused is obviously one Plaxico Burress.

This case is far from over, as a matter of fact the evidence is just beginning to come in and people are already tired of hearing this story, however i do feel that the courtroom must make a ruling of some kind in regards to the whole " Latin Quarter " incident! So here it is....

The Verdict: After long consideration of only some of the facts the courtroom is willing to conclude that, yes indeed Burress is a moron, I mean it is one thing to carry a gun in the first place make sure you have the right permits and then even if you do have those permits make sure you know how to use a gun, and at the very least don't go shooting yourself in the leg, I mean there are a ton of rival NFL team fans that would love to do that for you, there is no reason for you to make there life easier and more joyous is there? And if all that fails and you still feel the need to carry a gun however you are to incompetent to learn how to use that gun than please do us all a favor and BUY A GUN WITH A SAFETY ON IT!!!! Either that or maybe you and Michael Vick can get together and be the best team to come out of Rikers island. In say 40 years or so!!!!

Ok folks the court is now going to go into a brief recess, however before i do that I was curious as to what the jurors would like on the docket for next week ,the courtroom is open for ideas and will take the top three ideas and will submit them as the docket for next week, so we look forward to hearing all the feed back and also look forward to reading the Jurors own opinions as well.

Some Ideas for next weeks Docket: Should A.J. Smith be fired in San Diego by the Chargers?
Are the Titans still for real?
The new Steroid scandal?
How Arizona Finally made the Playoffs?

These are just some ideas I ask the jurors for there input as to what next weeks docket should be!

Court is now in Recess!!!

The Law Has Spoken!!!!!
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NFL Judgements and Ruling from week 7

All Rise, the Honorable Judge VCLAW is now presiding!!! You may now be seated.

Jurors world wide were in awe as week seven concluded. The NFL once again has turned my courtroom upside down, with the unpredictability that is known as Sunday! Which in turn was followed by a shell shocking event on Monday. If I may, as Judge of this court ask your brief indulgence. I as the Judge of this courtroom am asking the NFL as a league to please become more stable and consistent, thus allowing my courtroom to not be behind in delivering the much anticipated and needed rulings of our die hard football society.

Now back to the order of business at hand.

The first trials to be heard today at the request of our hard working jurors, is the case of the Super Bowl contenders turned pretenders.

The offenders of week seven are as follows:
The not so Peyton like Indianapolis Colts, The San Diego not so super Chargers and the formerly almighty Dallas Cowboys.

The Evidence:

In the case of the Colts, there really is not any evidence to the contrary of the charge at hand. In previous weeks the Colts have been up and down and very inconsistent at best. However the reasoning behind their slow start, very well could have been the fact that Peyton Manning was not himself due to his surgery at the beginning of the year, and was still trying to work the kinks out of the Colts game as well they do have some injuries to contend with on the defensive side of the ball. However that all being said......... This is week 7 and in no way can you come up flat against a Packers team that is injured and inconsistent as well. Peyton Manning is not himself and your big time Wide Receivers are playing like they are lost out there on the field, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne would you please show up before it is to late for your cause.

In the case of the San Diego Chargers, I as of Judge of this court would have to put all feelings aside when dealing with this case. In doing so there are only two points of evidence that I can consider. First, Yes the Chargers lost a big game that was a much needed win and they did not produce like they can and should, however they lost this game to a surprise playoff contender in the Buffalo Bills. To further examine that loss and maybe the reasoning behind that loss is the fact the stadium had no power ,and thus not being the home team leaves you out of your element even more so. As well the importance of what this loss meant to the Chargers and their division hopes was off set when the Denver Broncos threw up a dud on Monday night against the New England Patriots allowing San Diego to remain only one game out of the division lead and still have a game at hand against those very Broncos.

In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones you get what you pay for. You have assembled a cast of out casts and high priced cry babies. Tony Romo is hurt, Felix Jones is hurt, Adam Jones is in Rehab, Terrell Owens is crying about not getting the ball so you trade for Roy Williams which means Owens will get the ball less. ( how does that makes sense is a puzzle to me) and I believe Roy Williams and Terrence Newmann are hurt on the defensive side of the ball. Even with all those injuries the Cowboys should still have a legit shot to beat a team like the one win St. Louis Rams, sorry correction now two win St.Louis Rams.

The Verdicts are as follows:

The Indianapolis Colts are Guilty of being contenders turned pretenders. The Dallas Cowboys are Guilty of being over paid under achieving rejects from San Quentin. The San Diego Charger verdict, due to the loss by the Denver Bronco's on Monday Night Football will be adjourned to next week as the court would like to obtain some more evidence before ruling on a team that is only one game out of the division lead.

Other Verdicts from around the league are as follows:

Detroit Lions, Guilty of still being a horrible NFL team that should be playing in the CFL, and will for a very long time feel the aftermath affects of what their ownership allowed Matt Millen to create.

Kansas City Chiefs, Guilty of making the QB position look like it is a revolving door, of former QB's who could not get the job done for you and furthermore guilty of playing for the first pick in the 2009 Draft.

Bengals, Guilty of,...................................
.......... being the Bengals! Same team, Same out come!!!

Minnesota Vikings, Before I render this guilty verdict I just want to get some things clear with this case. The Vikings were Super Bowl contenders at the start of the year. The Vikings signed Bernard Berrian to huge money to help with the passing game. The Vikings trade away almost their whole draft to get Jared Allen and that much needed pass rush. The Vikings score 12 points in week six against one of the worst defensive teams in the league and need a rookie QB to run out of the End zone to win that game, than in week seven the Vikings score 41 against one of the best defenses in the game and still lose? Oh that is right you gave up 48 points to the Bears and Kyle Orton? huh, huh, huh is all this Judge can say. The Vikings are Guilty Guilty Guilty of everything and anything!!!

As for the Case of the NFC East, at the request of a respected juror the case is postponed until week eight at which time the court will have more evidence to consider.

Their you have it the rulings and verdicts from week 7, week 8 is looking like it could be the tell all week in the NFL!!!

Court is now in Recess!!!
The Law Has Spoken!!!
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NFL Judgements, Rulings and Pre-Trials!!!

All rise the Honorable Judge VCLAW presiding!  You may be seated.

First order of business:  The court would like to apologize to the jury and the public for the delay in posting.  However due to the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday the Court has decided to allow the public and the jury to decide what the key trials were in week six and what ones we should watch for in week seven. 

Remember when considering the evidence my friends there is a lot to choose from out there.  You have Brad Childress almost getting booed out of the Viking ship although they still find a way to win and stay in the division race.  You also have 5 games coming down to last second Field Goals, The Arizona Cardinals in First, The Dallas Cowboys Debacle, And the Tennessee Titans are the only remained undefeated team, wow wow wow. 

So There you have it folks, it is up to you what is it going to be, What were the best games of week six and the key factors to them?  And what should we look forward to week seven?

The Verdict:The court is guilty of being hung over due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada so the vedicts will be posted by the jury in the comments section!!!

Court is now in Recess!!!
The Law has spoken!!!!
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Week Six Pre-Trials!!!

All Rise the Honorable Judge VCLAW is now presiding. On the docket today sports fans, we have week six previews and insights. You may now be seated!!!

Week six is gearing up to be a big week for many teams around the NFL. In what could be considered a very pivotal weekend, The Courtroom would like to focus your attention to two games of interest.

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

Last week is officially in the books, and next week hasn't arrived yet. I hope that Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings realize this as well. If they fail to do this, they very well could be in trouble against the cup cake Detroit Lions. Beating the New Orleans Saints was a huge win, and facing the Chicago Bears in week seven is a huge divisional game as well. However, if the Vikings over look the Detroit Lions, they could be in trouble. Not only in that game against the Lions, but the season as well. A loss to the pansy Lions most certainly dooms what was thought to be a Super Bowl season for the Minnesota Vikings.

Some points of interest that the court would like to introduce the jury to are as follows. If the Minnesota Vikings were playing anyone else in the NFL, and I was a fan of them, I would be worried. The Vikings have only converted on 35% of third downs this year. That stat alone shows two things. First, the Vikings are getting into third downs that are not manageable, and are too much yardage to use Adrian Peterson in.(3rd and 12, 3rd and 15) The second thing it shows, is that the play calling of Brad Childress(Head Coach) and Darrell Bevell(Offensive coordinator), is not putting their players in place to succeed. If the Vikings can right their ship and convert a little more on third down, thus sustaining some key drives, it will go along way to reestablishing the Vikings as a legitimate threat down the stretch. By converting more on third downs, the Vikings will also be able to rest their defensive unit and keep them fresh, thus enabling them to get more of a constant pass rush throughout the game. At this point in the season the Vikings as a team have averaged a mere 1.6 sacks a game, and Jared Allen who was brought in as a sack man only has 2 sacks.

Evidence to watch for: Can the Vikings covert on third down? Can the Vikings Jared Allen get constant pressure on the Lions QB?

New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers

This game is the most critical of the season for both teams. For all the wrong reasons. The Patriots are going into San Diego with out there leader Tom Brady, and the Chargers have been struggling to say the least. In what is a return match up of last years AFC Championship game, we the fans are getting two completely different teams than we expected. This was supposed to be a game with two AFC power house teams, instead we are seeing two teams that will have to fight and claw the rest of the way just to make the playoffs. In the very competitive AFC.

Some points of interest that the court would like to point out to the jury are as follows. The Patriots for the first time in a long while, are marching on the road with an unproven starting QB in Matt Cassel. Will Matt Cassel be able to go back home, where he was the back up to Carson Palmer at University of Southern California and win a game? Or will the pressure of playing in front of friends and family in a hostile environment shake Cassel up? As for the San Diego Chargers, I will be watching to see if Norv Turner can finally get Tomlinson in full swing, and keep him involved on critical downs? Or will Norv Turner resort to his bad play calling and continue to use Darren Sproles on key third downs instead. To me that move does not make sense . Darren Sproles is a very good running back, however he is not Michael Turner and he most certainly is not Tomlinson. Should you not go with your big guns when needed? The other thing that I am looking for Norv Turner and his coaching staff to do, that will be a key to the game, is wake the Chargers up before the second half. The Chargers have not as of yet played a complete game. They are always in a hole and battling back in the second half of games this year. Norv Turner as the Head Coach that falls squarely on your shoulders, no excuses this week. If your team is not up for this game right from the outset, it is official, you should be fired.

Evidence to watch for: Can Matt Cassel have the homecoming dream? Can the Chargers show up for a full game? Can LT,the real LT please stand up?

So there you have it my jury. Two pre-trials complete, two games that this court finds intriguing!

In closing the court would like to wish you all a great and happy football filled weekend. The evidence will be collected, and verdicts will be rendered on Tuesday following all games, so if you don't want your team to end up on this court's docket than you better tailgate hard and cheer all night, for if your team flounders they will surely be a victim of The Courtroom!

Court is now in recess!
The Law has Spoken!!!
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A Case from the Courtroom Files!!!

Here is a case, that the Court has given much consideration too and is at a stand still, what does the jury think now?

he Greatest Quarterback Class of all time was 1983?

For all you die hard fans that have followed Football for many years, many of you would agree with the above statement. I used to as well, the 1983 NFL draft produced some of the greatest quarterbacks to ever don a helmet, and play the game we have all come to love.

The greats to come out of that one specific draft include. Jon Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Tony Eason who although I would not consider a great QB did lead his team to one Super Bowl, also there was Ken O'Bien who had a decent NFL career. Out of the above five I have mentioned 3 of those players, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Jon Elway are all Hall of Famer's and that hands down used to be enough in my mind to say that yes they truly were the best Quarterback class ever to come out in one draft, mix that in with the fact that combined they won two Super Bowls ( Jon Elway, ) and went to the dance a record number of times combined 11 to be exact ( Jim Kelly, Tony Eason and Dan Marino played in but never won the Super Bowl) and won numerous division crowns and conference championships it is really easy to decide that yes 1983 truly was the best of the best when it came to drafting quarterbacks throw in one other little fact that those three Hall of Fame players Elway, Marino and Kelly were most likely considered there teams MVP year in and year out and you could easily draw the conclusion that yes the NFL draft class of 1983 was the best ever and probably will be for a very long time.

Then 2004 came which is where I begin to compare a past generation with a generation that still is not finished with it's business yet. In 2004 we saw Eli Manning drafted first overall( by my San Diego Chargers but he never suited up for us and that is a story for another day) and following him were Phillip Rivers who was selected 4th overall ( traded for Eli Manning by the Giants as well as the Draft picks that ended up being Merriman, Castillo and Kaeding) than 11th overall was Ben Roethlisberger followed by J.P Losman 22nd overall and Matt Shaub 90th overall. Also two other quarterbacks drafted in 2004 have started and NFL game they include Craig Krenzel and Luke McNown.

Now i am in no way ready to say that the class of 2004 is better than the great draft class of 1983 but there are some key points that led me to write this article that I believe we must consider and pay respect to the fact that maybe 2004 will surpass the supremacy of 1983. First in there first Four years in the League the class of 2004 already has matched the class of 1983 in Super Bowl titles ( Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers, Eli Manning with the Giants last year) and Philliip Rivers has led the San Diego Chargers to the AFC championship game follow that with Losman and Schaub who could end up being average everyday quarterbacks in the NFL and maybe just maybe the class of 2004 could live up to the almighty class of 1983. In no way am I ready to say that the 2004 class will produce three Hall of Fame players but the defining fact is championships, championships not only define quarterbacks but they also define draft classes.

With that all being said in my eyes no class has ever come close to the class of 1983 that produced the greats of a generation ( Kelly, Marino and Elway) but if we are looking at these points with a subjective view than maybe, just maybe in time 2004 will either sit on that throne with 1983 or dare I say actually pass them and be the upper echelon of quarterback draft classes.

he Verdict: Will be decided by the 2004 class in about 20 years from now. Time will tell.
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NFL Judgements and rulings from week 5

Well folks, week 5 is now officially in the books. There were some upsets and there were some disappointments as well. All in all, it was a great weekend of football.
The Minnesota Vikings managed to pull off a mini upset and for the time being, have saved their season. A 2-3 record looks a lot better then 1-4. The Vikings managed to do this without the aid of a strong performance by Adrian Peterson, who looked human on Monday Night Football.
Brad Childress for the time being, still has a job although many Vikings fans are asking themselves, why? Brad Childress seems a little out of his element as a head coach lately. Has he lost his team?

Week Five Analysis
Why can they not get a consistent passing game to go with there amazing running back/ running game? Bernard Berrian is making 16 million dollars this year, and is supposed to be your long awaited replacement for Randy Moss as a deep threat. He didn't show up until the 4th quarter of the game in week 5, and previous to that 4th quarter, he dropped what could have been a key first down. The ball hit him right in the hands and than of course straight to the ground. How is that acceptable?

You employ and over pay for Jared Allen, who is a great player in his own right. But is not getting constant pressure when needed due to double teams. I mean, Drew Brees still completed over 23 passes, which is unacceptable, but not totally the pass rushers fault either. I know the secondary has to step up and make plays as well.
Until Brad Childress and his coaching staff get everyone on the same page, it is going to be a long and scary year for what was supposed to be a team that contended for the Super Bowl.
Now, I know all those Vikings fans might be upset with my take on this whole scenario seeing as the Vikings did win the game over the Saints. But, the Vikings won the game only because the New Orleans Saints have a kicker Martin Gramatica, that can not hit the broad side of a barn unless it is over fifty yards away, and the defense decides to get called for pass interference down on the 20 yard line with the game on the line.
That win in no way propels me into a good state of mind when writing about the Vikings current situation. So, for the time being, the jury remains out on whether or not the Vikings can be a real threat down the stretch. As of right now, the verdict is leaning from Super Bowl contender to Super Bowl pretender. And the Verdict on Brad Childress is............. See you in week six, maybe seven if your lucky. (P.S. Brad please call Donald Trumps hair stylist....... they might be able to help.)

Touching quickly on some other courtroom proceedings and games around the league this week. The San Diego Chargers look lost on the field. They lost to the Miami Dolphins!!! LT the verdict on you at this point in the season is guilty of being unproductive in a Norv Turner set or offense. Norv Turner how do you justify not getting LT the ball. You should be careful A.J. Smith has fired people for less, remember Marty Schotenheimer went 14-2 in the regular season and still got axed. So I guess this Verdict would be much the same as the Minnesota Vikings. The San Diego Super Chargers, who were thought to be Super Bowl Contenders, are as of week 5, Super Bowl pretenders.
The Steelers can be proud once again as Big Ben showed his extreme toughness and manufactured a hard fought win down in Jacksonville. The Verdict on Big Ben is............ you are tough enough for another week on the grid iron.(I hope that O-line starts protecting you better.)

In Lambeau Field, you saw what happens when a legend leaves your house. Nobody fears going into Green Bay anymore. Micheal Turner and the Atlanta Falcons proved just that by going in there and pounding the Packers with some hard nosed, coming right at you football. They did this by running it up the gut on a soft interior line known as the Green Bay Packers D Line. The Verdict on the Green Bay Packers D-line is......... Guilty of being soft like butter!!!

Over in Houston, we had another case of Super Bowl contender gone pretender in the Colts.... or so we thought! Sage Rosenfals decided to have the ultimate brain cramp. On the verge of a huge win for Houston, Sage Rosenfals fumbled the ball not only once but twice with under 3 minutes to go in the game, allowing Peyton Manning to bring his Colts back from being down 17 points and win the game. (I guess Sage was taking tips from Kurt Warner on how to hang on to the football.)

On a good note, Jim Zorn after having a horrible week one of the season, where he didn't even have a two minute offense, has guided the Washington Redskins to 4 straight wins and for the time being has the Redskins clicking on all cylinders. I must tip my hat because of one play call that was made during that game. Santana Moss who typically struggles against the Eagles, was having a tough day. Jim Zorn called the option pass that went for a touchdown and to me that is the ultimate coaching move, to know when a team has a players number and to get him involved in a different way, for that Jim Zorn you are officially off of my moronic coach list for now please keep up the good work.

So there you have it folks week five guilty verdicts are as follows:

Guilty of being a Super Bowl contenders turned pretenders are: The San Diego Chargers
Honorable mention to the Colts and Vikings who if they don't get there act together on a consistent bases will be watching the playoffs like the rest of us in high definition.

Guilty of being moronic coaches who should not be coaching are: Norv Turner, Brad Childress (for reasons mentioned above)

Guilty of Costing his team a win: Sage Rosenfals( didn't you play for Miami when they went 1- 15, and now you are with Houston and they are 0-4, damn Sage you really don't like winning do you?)
Honorable Mention to the Green Bay Packers D-Line (for being soft like butter)
Guilty of moving your team up the power rankings: Jim Zorn and the Washington Redskins ( they only have home divisional games left there headed in the right direction)
Honorable Mention to Big Ben and the Steelers

Court is now in recess!!!
The Law Has Spoken.
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